Month: February 2015

  • Investment Advice

    Dilbert It looks like even Dilbert is getting into the investment advice business. In yesterday’s Pantagraph, there was an interesting, and perhaps telling explanation of how investment advice actually works. Hopefully it’s not true, but it does make you stop and think.

  • Broker Fees on Retirement Accounts

    Investment Fees & Retirement Savings I know it does cost money to provide services to retirement accounts – not in small part due to all of the rules and regulations imposed on them. However, some of the fees on the account’s assets seem to be really hard to justify – especially due to the lack […]

  • Tax Aware Investing

    Control what you can Control! I came across this blurb in this morning’s emails about taxes and investing. Taxes can’t and shouldn’t be the only driver for your investment decisions, but being tax aware when you make investment decisions is potentially quite  beneficial. After cost, the decision to invest, and your asset allocation, this may be […]

  • Social Security – What do you know?

    There was an article in the WSJ last year by Glenn Ruffenach titled What You Don’t know About Social Security – But Should. It starts talking about an imaginary new employee who meets with his boss to talk about salary. The boss states that their payroll system is impossibly complicated. In fact, you can […]