Month: March 2015

  • How do you define Retirement?

    I just read an article by Michael Pompian on Morningstar’s website regarding the changing definition of retirement. Most likely everyone has their own view or idea what their personal “dream” retirement will look like. Mr. Pompain suggests these visions come under the heading of the “Three P’s”. Pasture – Play – Purpose Pasture: This refers to […]

  • So you want to be a millionaire

    Actually you may need to be a millionaire if you want to have a comfortable retirement! So how can a young family create an adequate pool of funds for their retirement. Well the simple answer is it can be done one of two ways: Spend less than you make or Make more than you spend. In […]

  • How do you transition from a retirement saver to spending for retirement?

    Transition from Retirement Saver to Retirement Spender You’ve spent your working life saving for the big day when you switch to spending for retirement, but how do you do it? It actually can be quite scarier to switch modes. We can develop the cash flows and model these changes, but psychologically it is still a […]

  • Do Nothing?

    When is doing nothing the right thing? From the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Advisor site: Regular investment meetings aren’t a good idea. Chicago-based adviser Mitch Kovitz attributes his advisory firm’s success as much to what it doesn’t do as to what it does. “We don’t have any organized regular investment meetings,” he tells Endless Rise […]