Month: April 2015

  • Interest Rates

    We’re at it again – another Fed meeting and another chapter in the when will interest rates start to go up! Seems like they ought to just make a move, but with the world economy in the shape its in now is probably still not the time.

  • How can you tell if something is LUCK?

    Not sure where I found this, but… You can tell if something is luck if it is equally as hard to lose as it is to win. Business is not luck. It is very easy to lose. But, its pretty hard to wind.  

  • Interest Rates

    No one questions  whether the Fed will raise interest rates. But when? This has been the questions for months if not years. The best and most accurate answer I’ve given over this time is not now but in a few months. However like ‘tomorrow never comes’ , a few months turns out to be a dynamic phrase.…