Month: May 2015

  • Investing is sort of like Gardening?

    I’m not sure where I found this blurb – it was probably a headline on an email from someone, but I found it rather interesting. I believe it was in response to a query about whether a person should buy individual securities or a broad based index fund. In brief it went as follows. Suppose you […]

  • Are Investment Advisor Worth the Investment?

    This headline is from an Entrepreneur article by Doug and Polly White. If you understand that “on average, you’re not going to bet the market“, then you may want to consider the aspects of your investment philosophy that you can control. I would suggest that management fees are second only to your asset allocation or […]

  • Should You Time the Markets When Experts Can’t?

    This headline is from a recent article by Rick Ferri in Forbes. The bottomline is that experienced managers even with proprietary research tools aren’t particularly successful at market timing. It would seem relatively safe to say that being a successful market timer is pretty difficult and an individual investor without the professional fund manager tools […]