Are You An Investor?

If you are an investor, you maybe interested in DLW Planning’s investment assistance!

My investment philosophy has a relatively long-range focus. So even though it’s easy to get caught up in the daily market information, I try to look out much further so I can ignore the daily gyrations.

As you may have notice from previous posts, I look to two sources for support and comfort for that view; William Bernstein’s Coffeehouse Investor and John Bogle and Vanguard.

I generally sum up may Investment Philosophy as follows:

  1. Have a savings plan that works for you!
  2. Diversify your investments to take advantage of their differences.
  3. Watch investment costs and taxes – they matter!
  4. Take a long-term view that fits your goals!

Unfortunately this is not sleek and sexy, but does increase the probability that you will successfully reach your personal financial goals.

If it’s time for your to review your financial/retirement goals or your investment plans, please contact me at