Month: June 2016

  • Building your Retirement Savings

    In relatively simplistic terms accumulating funds for retirement is conceptually quite simple: Spend Less than you Make Automate your Saving Create a Diversified Portfolio Have a Long Term View With a reasonable amount saved on a regular basis appropriately invested, will get you to a comfortable retirement next egg. Of course the sooner you start […]

  • Retirement Spending Strategies

    Michael Kitces recently had a blog posting regarding tax efficient spending strategies from retirement portfolios. He notes that the conventional wisdom is to draw down taxable accounts and let the tax deferred account continue to grow.  However as with most rules of thumbs or short cut decisions this one does come with a caveat of […]

  • Brexit

    Well the conventional wisdom was that United Kingdom would remain part of the European Union. The “markets” don’t like uncertainty and they definitely don’t like surprises. Friday was the reaction to the surprise. Over the next few days / weeks we will see how the market reacts to the uncertainty. In and of itself, not […]

  • The Changing Face of Retirement

    This post will cover the last of the Four C’s. Cost of Living or inflation will need to be considered. Inflation Obviously if you are living on a fixed income with a relatively fixed asset base, inflation will be a challenge for a successful retirement Recently it has been 2% or less During the 1970’s, […]