The Changing Face of Retirement

To follow up on the Four C’s article…

CLARITY is the understanding part of the process in which you will:

  • Identify your retirement income sources
    • Basically how much monthly income will be generated
    • When will these funds be available
  • Develop and Understand an income strategy
    • How much will be guaranteed?
      • Social Security
      • Pension
      • Annuity
    • What level of variability can you tolerate?
  • Consider longevity
    • How many years will our retirement planning need to consider
    • How do we plan for the surviving spouse
  • Allow for inflation
    • How will inflation impact our living costs
    • What about the cost of medical care
  • Develop Estate / Legacy Plans
    • Do we want / need to provide for our heirs
    • Do we have a charitable intent we wish to provide for
  • Evaluate the timelines in the cash flow
    • Will income come in to match the spending plan
    • How do I adjust my spending plan to match available resources

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