The Changing Face of Retirement

This segment of the Four C’s focuses on Comfort.

Basically, what is your view of a satisfying retirement – what’s your vision of success?

  • Life Style Goals
    • Live comfortably – However you define it
    • Free of financial concerns
      • 35% of pre-retirees are not prepared for retirement
      • 50% are not comfortable with their retirement plans
      • delaying retirement is not a valid back-up plan
        • 47% retire earlier than planned
  • Stock Market Fluctuations
    • How important is the Safety of your investment versus the Return on your investment
      • 76% of pre-retirees prefer a nominal guarantee
  • Expense Pyramid
    • Identify which category your expenses fall into
      • NEEDS – Basic livings expense
      • WANTS – Travel, entertainment, etc.
      • WISHES – Legacy goals
    • Clearly understanding which category each expense fits into will allow you to manage and monitor your various income sources
    • Depending on your situation, you may want to consider an income / investment strategy that is appropriate for each expense category.

The next installment will discuss the last two C’s.