Month: August 2018

  • WSJ – Daily Shot

    There were a couple of very interesting  charts in today’s Daily Shot. First is a blurb attributed to Jerome Powell, which suggests that the Fed is likely to continue on its slow but steady path of rate increases. The second item relates to the relative attractiveness of stocks versus fixed income. It shows, at […]

  • This morning lead at Seeking Alpha

    This was the lead blurb on Seeking Alpha this morning. Obviously good news historically, but what about looking forward? The S&P 500 will tie the record for the longest U.S. bull market in history today at nearly 3,500 days, rising more than 320% since March 9, 2009. It’s a record few would have predicted when […]

  • Interesting Chart

        This chart was in one of the daily email updates from the Wall Street Journal. I’ve always found it interesting that there were so many mutual funds and exchange traded funds trying to build ‘different’ portfolios from the rather limited number of listed companies. However this trend of decreasing publicly traded stocks is […]

  • Tariff Impacts

    This is an interesting chart from today’s Wall Street Journal. For the bottom 10% of tax payers, the trade war will not be fun.