Month: September 2018

  • Where the Action Is and Wasn’t so far in 2018

    From today’s Wall Street Journal, Year to Date Apple up ~12% while Phillip Morris is down about 1.75%.

  • Employment report

    Here is some historical perspective on US Employment. Clearly the Initial Jobless Claim numbers have been on a very steady downtrend since the “great” recession 10 years ago. Hard to know where they go from here as we must be getting closer to full employment – whatever that means in today’s world.

  • Do the Ends Justify the Means?

    From Seth Godin’s Blog – The ends and the means Do the ends justify the means? Is it worth lowering your standards and giving up your principles in order to find a better outcome? Many times, the means are the ends. How we choose to act changes who we choose to become. The way we […]