Month: December 2018

  • Its been a brutal year

    It appears that investors have been much more cautious this year when it comes to adding to their investment accounts. This Wall Street Journal chart indicates a pretty significant decline in additions to US mutual and ETF assets this year.

  • Job Openings have been on a pretty steady increase since 2009

    This was from the Wall Street Journal a few days ago. This is good news for people looking for a job. Although this does not provide any insight into the type of jobs that are available or the skills required for these jobs.

  • Consumer Price Index

    Here’s a couple of charts from today’s Wall Street Journal Daily Shot. The first shows continuing good news for inflation. It look like it remains in a comfortable range for consumers and may moderate the Federal Reserve Bank’s effort to get short term interest rates to ‘neutral’. On the other hand, this freight cost chart […]