Month: January 2019

  • Todays Charts – Cross Currents

    From Sesame Street – One of these Charts is not telling the same story! So, capacity utilization is high – factories are busy. Most manufacturing segments are not contracting, i.e. they are doing fine. But, businesses are concerned! What happens next?

  • China

    There are two ways to look at this chart from Northern Trust’s weekly Economic Commentary. 1- President Trump’s tariffs are working, and he’s winning the Trade War with China. 2- China’s economy is slowing down quite dramatically, and since it accounts for a significant portion of world trade, the world-wide economy may be facing a […]

  • GDP Update

    This chart was part of today’s Wall Street Journal Daily Shot. Looks like Oxford Economics is expecting at least somewhat of a slow down this year. They also had some information on the potential impact of the government shutdown. However for now, the year over year comparisons will be harder due to the impact of […]

  • Hindsight is Wonderful!

    Who knew at the start of 2018 that the stock market’s ride would be this wild? Although after a very lucrative 2017, it should have been reasonable to expect a change. The challenge is always to try to determine which way to go – going forward. It turns out that hindsight is not very helpful […]