Month: February 2019

  • These charts don’t go together, but I think interesting nonetheless!

    Another group of beneficiaries from the new tax law – Accountants. For all the headlines Alphabet has received, this is kind of interesting. Dominos stock has actually outperformed since the went public. Either one would have been a good investment 15 years ago, but 3600% does beat 2500% rather handily!

  • Banking – Savings Account Rates

    The difference between bank savings account rates at Online Banks versus Brick and Mortar Banks is rather dramatic. However, it would appear that a tightening of the Interest Rate Spread is not the issue! Meanwhile, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said the new tax law drove double-digit profit growth at U.S. banks last year. Banks collectively […]

  • Two Charts – What do they Mean? Are they related?

    I saw these two charts this morning one from the Wall Street Journal’s Daily Shot and the other Axios Markets. This appears to highlight the quite remarkable economic recovery since the great recession. Increasing Job Openings is a very good way to address the needs of the Unemployed looking for jobs. On the other hand […]

  • Trade War – Effective: Yeah or Nay

    I found this chart and blurb on Axios about the effect of the tariffs that the Trump Administration has imposed on imports from China on the bi-lateral trade deficit. At least at first glance, it would appear that the tariffs have had an impact albeit a somewhat smallish effect. On the other hand, the trade […]