Month: March 2020

  • Trading Activity and Spreads

    From the Wall Street Journal Today Traders make money when the market moves. All they have to do is be on the right side of the market. Its like leverage, when you are on the correct side of the fulcrum you can make a bunch of money. On the other hand, if you if you […]

  • Recovery – When, How

    I remain convinced the coronavirus’s health and humanity issues will need to be under control before an economic recovery can even be fully contemplated. Quite frankly, I’m not certain we have reached that point yet. Nonetheless, we do need to be making plans to increase the likelihood of a strong economic recover now! It appears […]

  • Action Bias

    I’m certain that I can’t add much new thought to the current situation. We are all draw on recent past circumstances to guide our emotions and actions at this time. I generally get pretty skeptical of an analysis suggests that this time is different. However, in many respects this time does offer some differences. This […]