Portfolio Review

Are your assets in the right place?
Are your assets in the right place?

Is it time for a review of your portfolio?

Do you have concerns about the individual assets in your account?

Then it’s time to have Don provide you with a snapshot review of your investments. This will help you with the big question about your portfolio – Will it get me where I want to go?

Your snapshot will include collecting account information, creating a portfolio analysis to help you understand your holdings, and suggestions for any changes for you to consider based on your personal investment philosophy and personal goals.

An investment review will cover topics such as:

1-Overall Portfolio Design

2-Asset Allocation Decisions

3-Address individual security questions

> Selection

> Buy / Sell / Hold

> Cost / Performance

4- Overall portfolio performance analysis

5- A Consolidated portfolio summary report

6- Unique or special assets could also be analyzed

Investment success demands periodic reviews to stay on track to achieve your goals. With a DLW Planning periodic review you’ll receive an independent, unbiased portfolio and asset review. It will provide you with benchmarks to assess your progress towards your long term financial and retirement goals.

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