Retirement Readiness

Are you contemplating your retirement options, but have questions about your readiness?

Are you looking at all of your options?
Are you looking at all of your options?

Have you thought about your retirement lifestyle choices?

Have you prioritized your retirement Needs, Wants, and Wishes?

Have you identified the funding needed for your retirement dreams?

How will I cover my normal day-to-day living expenses?

How will healthcare expenses impact my retirement?

How do my needs and wants fit into my retirement cash flow?


Home Repairs

 Family Gifts

Special Need Concerns


Special Occasions

Will I have funds available for my DREAMS?

Family Education / College Funding


Legacy Gifts

Extended Care

Other Personal Goals and Dreams

If so, please contact Don for a review of your current situation and your retirement goals. We will work together to evaluate your retirement readiness.

Check out this link for a quick readiness checklist   –   Red Yellow Green Light Finances Worksheet

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